The Morin Company represents the following manufacturers:
Armstrong Monitoring
Hazardous Gas & Freon Monitoring
Baltimore Aircoil Company
Factory Fabricated Cooling Towers
Evaporative Condensers
Fluid Coolers
Ice Storage Systems
Composite Cooling Solutions
Field Erected Cooling Towers
Architectural Cooling Towers
CT/HX Engineered Repair Svcs.
Field Repair, Retrofit & Upgrade of
Cooling Towers and Plate & Frame
Heat Exchangers
Dolphin Water Care
Dolphin Water Care
Non chemical water treatment & service for condenser water & fountains.
Dow Chemical Company
Dowtherm Ethylene & Dowfrost
Propylene Inhibited Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids
DuBois Chemicals
Water treatment chemicals, equipment & service for Boilers, Steam, Condenser & chilled water systems.
Eaton Cutler-Hammer
Variable Frequency Drives –
6,12,18 pulse, Cleanpower, & medium voltage drives
in Nema 1,12, 3, 4 enclosures plus electrical control products

Kelvion Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers, Flat Plate, Welded Heat Exchangers and Brazed Heat Exchangers

Building & safety materials, equipment, tools and supplies for contractors and facility managers
Centrifugal Dirt Separators &
Skid Mounted Water Filtration Systems
Morin Distribution
Parts & Accessories for Cooling Towers & HVAC Aftermarket Parts
Morin Glycol
Analysis, Installation, Removal,
Disposal & Filtration of Glycol
Systems plus Glycol Feed Systems
Process Efficiency Products
PEP Media Water Filtration Systems
and Arkal Disc Filtration Products
Stellar Energy Systems
Modular Chiller Plants from 500 to
10,000 Tons
Ultraviolet products to eliminate mold & bacteria & reduce maintenance & energy consumption in air handling systems.
Tower Power
Custom Starter/VFD/Control Panels
Optimized Control of Cooling Towers
Noise control, vibration isolution, restraint systems
Vertical Stack Water Source Heat
Pumps & Vertical Stack Fan Coils
with Riser HX & Valve Control Options