Seminar Topics


Over the years we’ve compiled an impressive number of seminars that we are willing to provide to our customers free of charge as an added benefit to working with The Morin Company. The following seminars can be given directly at your facility or ours. A sampling of our offerings is as follows:

ATC / Piping
Tower operation and control for winter and summer operation. Equalizer, bypass and suction piping for proper water balancing and tower operation.

HVAC Glycol Systems
Discussions of glycol in HVAC systems. Ethylene verses propylene glycols and why HVAC inhibited glycol. Services provided by G. F. Morin Company/Dow Chemical Company.

Types of filtration and proper selection of each type. Benefits verses costs of condenser water filtration. Payback analysis.

Cooling Tower Lay-out
Detailed review of tower considerations for proper operation in walled, louvered or adjacent building lay-outs. Lay-out parameter fundamental for proper airflow.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals
Model selection fundamentals, tower types and materials of construction. Water consumption, energy saving, acoustical considerations.


DOLPHIN Condenser Water Treatment
Discussion of the research conducted with pulsed-power
water treatment technology: a chemical-free way to prevent
scale, biological, and corrosion on water-based HVAC systems, while saving water and energy in an environmentally sustainable framework. Green Building and Leed Point projects are reviewed and explained.

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Application
Seminar based on a general discussion of plate heat
exchangers for waterside economizer, glycol isolation and
other HVAC topics.

Fabric Ductwork
Seminar offers a cost effective approach to deliver high volume air distribution for an exposed duct system. Application and selection criteria are presented.

UVC for Airside Biological Control
UVC applied to airside HVAC units to elimiate bacteria, viruses and mold in the HVAC system. Discussion will cover the technology, proper application and design, and benefits of UVC including improved air quality, energy efficiency, and possible LEED contributions.

Vibration Isolation/ Seismic + Noise Control

  1. Extreme Event Engineering- Understanding IBC Seismic/ Wind Restraint Requirements & Risk. (2 PDH Credits- Sign in sheet).
  2. ME-Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Noise control. (1 PDH Credit – Sign in Sheet).
  3. Basics of Noise Control- Application of noise control systems with emphasis on Sound basics. (1 PDH credit – Sign in sheet)
  4. Roof Top Noise Control- Application Solutions for Noise/ Vibration control for RTU’s. (1 PDH credit- Sign in sheet)